Are you ready?

Do you want to bring your creative talent into retail stores but don't know where to start?

It's time for you to enter the wholesale market and have your designs sold consistently in more places by expert sales people! Or maybe you have experience with wholesale but it's not going as well as you thought it would. Artists who cross the threshold into wholesale enter a world filled with AMAZING opportunities but without strategic preparation, wholesale can be frustrating and won't bring results.
Are you ready?

Learn from a former fashion executive!

(That's me with Tracy Reese, iconic fashion designer)

To do wholesale the RIGHT WAY you need targeted business strategies and operations, modified relationship building techniques and special pricing. If done right, wholesale can be **extremely profitable** and a wonderful addition to retail sales. My experience as a New York Fashion Executive and wholesaler means you'll receive an ABUNDANCE of step-by-step, how-to education, clear strategies & resources! Plus I'm including a checklist and other freebies.
Learn from a former fashion executive!

Workshop Topics;

  • Pros & cons of wholesale

  • How to know if you and your business are ready

  • Planning for sales

  • Retail vs wholesale pricing

  • What you need to crack the market

  • Introduction to Sales Reps

  • How to build success relationships to increase sales

Wholesale How To

Expert Guidance Give you Clarity & Confidence


You'll receive additional resources to guide you and help you prepare!

  • Wholesale checklist & Resource guide

    In addition to the 60 minute video and slideshow, I've created file to download and use in your path towards wholesale success!

  • 10 Tips to Build a Successful Business

    I don't want you JUST to be a successful, wholesaler, I want you to be an ALL AROUND success so I've included my 10 tips to business good health as my gift!

  • Free Biz Boost with Andrea!

    Enroll in this rich, wholesale workshop and receive a Free Business Boost with me! 15 minute phone call to share your story, challenges and goals.

Wholesale How To

Learn how to make money in this lucrative market and get repeat customers

Do Wholesale Right!

It can cost thousands of dollars to enter a wholesale show, so make sure you're PREPARED and CONFIDENT before you walk down this lucrative sales path! My step-by-step workshop will set you up for success.

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