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Q: Why is it so hard to make money as an Artist? 

A: There’s many reasons why we struggle to sell our work but ultimately, it all boils down to a few key factors; 

pricing/profiting * the market  * client relationships

A successful Artist can easily answer these questions;

  1. What is your average profit margin and is it high enough to fund a growing business? 
  2. How do you properly identify your best client so you can sell to them?
  3. What's the proper way to speak to your clients so they engage and purchase? 
  4. What type of business relationships do you need to get repeat orders? 
  5. How do you make your commercial client’s job easier so they'll want to work with you? 

Every single day I help Artists just like you find answers to these important questions so they can better understand how to make more money and succeed with their business.

It's not enough just to make great art. If you're not connecting with the right clients, making money on every piece and building strong commercial relationships, you'll continue to struggle, watching your competition sell over and over again. 

Succeeding as an Artist doesn’t have to be frustrating or confusing. 

Hi, I’m Andrea Rosenfeld, an Artist and trusted, creative business advisor with over 10 years experience empowering hundreds of artists in New York, Detroit and across the country. To build a community around my education, I began teaching my Mind Your Art Business Growth Course in person then placed my popular training course here to support more people at their budget level and on their own time.

I’ve combined my 25+ years of wholesale and retail expertise plus creative business coaching into detailed modules that cover everything you need to easily discover, launch and grow your creative business for only $30/month!



Price for PROFIT 

Engage properly to SELL MORE


Join the hundreds of Artists that have learned how to make more money and find their ideal clients using my in-depth and easy-to-grasp training modules!

Save $185 with my online accelerator! 

For less than an exhibition fee, per month you'll learn how to profit, find your wholesale market and connect with more commercial art buyers using proven strategies you can't find just anywhere... 

“Because of Andrea's invaluable information, I increased my profits 600%!" – Angela F. -Event Planner

With your subscription you'll receive;

* Clear strategies designed SPECIFICALLY for our creative mind* 

* Reference materials + Checklists  + Guides + Tips *

* Marketing Samples + Social Media How To * 

* Pricing Guide & Calculator *

* Class assignments for step-by-step business growth *

* Online, peer support for questions and networking *

* BONUS #1: DABI 10 Tips to a Healthy Business *

* BONUS #2: Receive feedback on your website as a "welcome" gift! *

* BONUS #3: "Marketing How To" Infographic (included in Class #6) *

* BONUS #4: Discount off private coaching sessions with me! *

1st Lesson FREE!
plus 5-day free trial period

Save $185! My in-person course costs $425 but here, online you get the same education + resources for a budget-friendly $30/month! Or choose the bulk payment option for $240!

Try it out and if it doesn't meet your expectations, you can cancel your subscription at any time.  


What Graduates Have to Say;

"This course is everything I never CLEARLY learned in business school! I had SO many questions marks about pricing, doing business legally and my business identity. Now so much of that is clearer to me and I NO LONGER feel like I’m floundering. If you’re starting your creative business or have unanswered questions, this course is bound to give you clarity!” Jessy B – mixed media

”The MYAB course has transformed the way I think + approach to business. It has touched on every aspect from financials, legal, to social media and developing relationships. I feel I have a solid plan now to begin my business strategies.” Kathleen A. – fine art

“Mind Your Art Business Growth Course was very good! I learned a lot. I was inspired to FINALLY start my own business.” -Scott M. – graphic artist

Mind Your Art Business is important to all aspiring artistic entrepreneurs. It gently faces you towards the essential back-end of business building and guides you through, navigating the sometimes less-than-fun aspects without being overwhelmed.”  – Katie B. – ceramic artist

Mind Your Art Business gave me organizational skills, an easy-to-view course layout and step-by-step outlines.” –Diane N. – fiber artist

Mind Your Art Business is very helpful to artists who want to elevate their business. I was able to make great strides after taking Andrea’s course!” Re’Nisha B. – fashion designer

What's included?

4 Videos
9 Texts
16 PDFs

Course Curriculum

WELCOME to Mind Your Art Business Growth Course!
Class #2: Become a Professional Business - The Legal Stuff!
Class #4: Determining Value + Finding Your Ideal Clients
Class #8: Collaborations to Profit From and PITCH!

Gallery owners and retailers are searching for new talent that are ALSO professional in business. Rise above the competition and become the business savvy Artist that buyers crave! 

Mind Your Art Business Growth Course will transform your practice and your life!

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Andrea Rosenfeld
Andrea Rosenfeld
Artist & Creative Business Advisor I DABI I Embrace Creatives

About Andrea

Hi! I'm Andrea Rosenfeld, professional artist, former Director of Merchandising and Operations for Isaac Mizrahi, Ltd. and trusted creative business consultant. 

I’m blessed to empower hundreds of creative entrepreneurs to move past their business fears and into freedom, clarity and profits through mindful business coaching and Mind Your Art Business Growth Course.

Beyond coaching and supporting my students, I speak at business conferences and teach workshops, regionally PLUS I launched Embrace Creatives, the perfect way for artists and businesses to meet and develop financially sustainable relationships. 

I look forward to educating you in creative entrepreneurship strategies.

Andrea Rosenfeld
Detroit Art & Business Institute, LLC

• WXYZ Channel 7 segment: How to Turn a Hobby into a Business
• Prosper, Oakland County article: Local Artist is Transforming Lives Through Creative Development Training
• Florine Mark’s Remarkable Women Interview (podcast)
• Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Panel Discussion at The Wright Museum, Detroit MI
• Success Summit Expert Speaker and Panelist at ADC Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
• Guest Speaker at The Runway, Lansing, MI
• Guest Speaker at Detroit Garment Group, Detroit, MI
• Pricing Workshop facilitator, Erie Arts & Culture, Erie, PA