Year Round Goal Setting

Don't go overboard with too many plans!

I know you have BIG plans for your creative business and all year long interesting opportunities come your way but how do you make sure these exciting ideas and projects "right" for you and if so, how do you succeed more easily?
Year Round Goal Setting


A business owner must be constantly evaluating their opportunities in a strategic and realistic way. If you follow every shiny possibility, you waste time, energy and money, taking you off track... Let's get you to streamline and clarify your path.

Course curriculum

What's Inside...

  • Goal Setting Worksheet and Guide with detailed steps

  • Examples you can relate to as a creative business owner

  • 5 tips to staying productive

  • A Goal Wheel

  • Your invitation to Embrace Creatives, a professional network/market where artists do business

  • Special discount on your very own coaching session with me

Clear Visioning + Goal Setting

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