Retail Done Right


I've seen too many Creatives waste their precious time and LOTS of money on the wrong retail opportunities merely because they weren't educated beforehand...I don't want that to happen to you! I've put together an abundance of information that will guide you to choose & prepare for the right shows, set up engaging displays, work easily with potential clients and follow up for more sales.  
Retail Done Right

Expert Guidance

Through my 20+ years of retail & wholesale experience as the former Director of Merchandising & Operations at Isaac Mizrahi, Ltd., and a wholesale and retail jewelry designer, I share my experience and the tools you need to sell in a retail environment.
Expert Guidance

What's Included...

Fairs & Festivals: Step-by-Step Success is jammed packed!

  • How to choose the best retail outlets

  • Create a detailed planning schedule 

  • Learn to set achievable retail sales goals

  • A comprehensive MUST HAVE checklist so you are completely prepared (downloadable)

  • Display do's and don'ts to draw the best clients into your booth and keep them engaged

  • The ever-important client engagement and sales

  • Customer service "how to", to sell AFTER the show ends

Guest Expert!

Included inside this 45-minute video workshop is a section on how to get your all-important, promotional booth shot, by guest speaker, Erik Law Founder of ShootMyArt™
Guest Expert!

Course curriculum

Bonus material

My best tips for a great, overall show!

  • Bonus material

    Fair & Festival Questionnaire Worksheets (to help you research and organize)

  • One-on-One call with Andrea!

    All students have the option to set up a Free Business Boost with me! I'd love to get to know you, your path and goals.

  • An invitation to a special network

    You'll receive an invitation to join the professional art business network, Embrace Creatives where you can use all of the training you're learning to engage with new buyers.

Fairs & Festivals: Step-by-Step Success

Your COMPLETE guide to your best and most profitable retail sales.

  • $37.99

    45-minutes of step-by-step education

Happy Customers!

  • Teresa P. / collage artist

    "This was a thoughtful, comprehensive set of instructions. Good for those who are just starting out doing fairs and festivals."

  • Candace / Ceramic Artist

    "I felt it was so useful, very thorough and I learned many things I did not know even after doing markets and festivals for many years.”

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Clear, detailed instructions, visuals, resources and a checklist so you can have fun and profit at retail sales opportunities.

Do Retail Right

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