"Why is it so hard to make money as an Artist?"

Here's how I answer the number one question I'm asked...

  • pricing/profiting

    If you're not profiting, your art is merely a hobby. Successful Artists can answer these questions; "Is your profit margin high enough to fund a growing business?" and "How much art must you sell monthly to reach your yearly sales goal." I can guide you to answer those necessary questions, easily!

  • the market

    Knowing your clients inside and out increases sales. Successful Artists can answer these questions; "How do you identify and find your best clients?" and "What's the proper method to engage your clients so they purchase?" Mind Your Art Business Growth Course offers you clear ways to define your target market and reach them.

  • client relationships

    Relationships are the key to a strong business. Successful Artists can answer these questions; "What type of business relationships do you need for repeat orders?" and "How do you make your client’s job easier so they'll want to work with you?" My entire course is built off of the important of "relationship building" so you can target and engage your unique buyers.

Profit From Your Passion

Stop the frustration of business building. Mind Your Art Business offers clarity and confidence with step-by-step, detailed instructions developed specifically for an Artist's mindset, challenges and opportunities.

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Student Love...

“Mind Your Art Business Growth Course is informative and Andrea is so engaging, supportive and encouraging. I'm SURE this course will help me to broaden my thinking in ways that I don’t even realize yet. ”

Visual Artist

Denise R.

“Mind Your Art Business was very good! I learned a lot and I was inspired to FINALLY start my own business!”

Graphic Artist

Scott M.

“The Mind Your Art Business training course was really exactly what I wanted and Andrea is so professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and non-judgemental.”


Shermane F.

  • Meet Andrea!

    Hi! I'm Andrea Rosenfeld, professional artist, former Director of Merchandising and Operations for Isaac Mizrahi, Ltd. and trusted creative business consultant.  I’m blessed to empower hundreds of creative entrepreneurs to move past their business fears and into freedom, clarity and profits through mindful business coaching and Mind Your Art Business Growth Course. Beyond coaching and supporting my students, I speak at business conferences and teach workshops, regionally, PLUS I developed and launched Embrace Creatives!  It's the perfect way for artists and businesses to meet and develop financially sustainable relationships.  I look forward to educating you in creative entrepreneurship strategies. Andrea Rosenfeld

    Andrea Rosenfeld

    Artist & Creative Business Advisor I DABI I Embrace Creatives

You Deserve Success!

Rise above the competition and become the business savvy Artist that buyers crave! Mind Your Art Business Growth Course / BULK will transform your practice and your life and you get the entire course, immediately!

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