Hundreds of Artists Empowered!

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I'm blessed to teach Artists from around the world how to profit from their passion, easily and affordably! Hi! I'm Andrea Bogart, professional artist and trusted, creative business advisor. My popular, entrepreneurial training programs that I teach in metro Detroit are now online to help MORE of my peers propel themselves out of the "starving artist" mindset! I would be honored to guide you to your creative success, so please look around to make sure my education is right for you then enroll for free - Andrea Bogart, Artist and Creative Business Advisor -
What I Teach
Hundreds of Artists Empowered!


Much more than general business training.

  • My Gifts to You

    My transformational programs offer a bevy of bonuses, such as; 10 Tips to a Healthy Business; a review of your website; Marketing How To"; Pricing Calculator; and more! (each program offers its own bonus content)

  • Your Time is Precious

    As an Artist and small business owner I realize your time is precious so I've structured my powerful and information-packed, Mind Your Art Business programs to be available on YOUR schedule, 24/7.

  • The Support You Deserve

    Connections to peers are as important as education so I offer ways to receive support from other students and graduates. Plus, I'm available while you're working through my course or workshops.


Here's how my Mind Your Art Business training programs have empowered Artists.

“Because of Andrea's invaluable information, I increased my profits 600%! GREAT creative business education! Andrea destroys every fear you ever had about starting your own business. If you’re thinking about taking a Mind Your Art Business program… TAKE IT!”

Rock Sugar Events

Angela F.

“The Mind Your Art Business Growth Course brought me six new retailers and galleries and DOUBLED my revenue in my first year in business! ”

Jewelry Artist

Ella C.

“MYAB education has transformed the way I think + approach business. It has touched on every aspect from financials, legal, to social media and developing relationships. I feel I have a solid plan now to begin my business strategies.”

Visual Artist

Kathleen A.

Mind Your Art Business Growth Course

Trusted Art Business Training

Fairs & Festivals: Step-by-Step Success

Do Retail Right!

Building a Business Mindset

For an introduction to my educational training...

Clear Visioning + Goal Setting

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You Deserve Success

All of my Mind Your Art Business training programs will guide you to rise above the competition and transform you into the business savvy Artist, Craftperson or Designer that Gallerists, Buyers and your clients crave!

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